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Air Travel

Usually air travels happen without any problems. But if you experience a flight disruption we are here for your.

Online purchase

If you purchase a product online within the EU, Norway or Iceland you have extended rights!

Car rental

We receive many cases each year regarding car rentals. If you have a problem contact us and we can advise you.

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Black Friday on 25 November: Our shopping tips on how to avoid sales traps

Í ljósi vaxandi verðbólgu, vöruskorts og hækkandi orkuverðs þá má gera ráð fyrir því að Black Friday hafi nokkur áhrif…

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The Consumer´s Association advises consumers against doing business with CC bílaleiga ehf.

According to an article published on the website of The Consumers´ Association of Iceland, the association has put the car rental, CC bílaleiga ehf., on their “shame list”. The Association advises consumers against doing business with that trader.

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World Tourism Day 2022

When your holiday becomes more expensive than expected - Watch out for (hidden) additional costs

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