Neytendasamtökin celebrate 70 year anniversary

Yesterday the host structure for ECC-Iceland, The Consumers´ Association of Iceland (Neytendasamtökin) celebrated their 70-year anniversary.

The association was officially established on a well sought meeting on the 23rd of March 1953.

In January 2003 the Consumers´ Association made a contract with the ministry about hosting ECC-Iceland (then EEJ). So, it has been our host structure for over 20 years.

To celebrate this event Lilja Alfreðsdóttir, minister of consumer affairs, was invited to our offices at Guðrúnartún 1.

(Lilja Alfreðsdóttir minister of consumer affairs and Breki Karlsson Chairman of Neytendasamtökin)

The President of Iceland, Mr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, held a reception at Bessastaðir (the presidential estate) in honor of this event.

(Einar Bjarni Einarsson Lawyer with ECC-Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson President of Iceland and Ívar Halldórsson Director of ECC-Iceland)

There we had the chance to talk shortly about general consumer rights in Europe as well as the ECC-Net.

We send our best wishes to The Consumers´ Association and we are grateful for a very fruitful cooperation for the last 20 years.

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