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If you have any questions regarding your legal right as a consumer within the EU, Iceland, Norway or The United Kingdom, do not hesitate to contact us.

We help you free of charge!


In order for us to be able to review your case it is important that you follow the checklist below. This is to make sure that your case falls under our service.

  • Are you a resident of Iceland? (if not you have to send your complaint to the ECC-Centre in your home country, see all ECC´s: here)
  • Is your complaint/question regarding a trader that is based in another country within EU, Iceland or Norway?
  • Did you purchase a product or service as a consumer?
  • Have you already sent a written complaint to the trader without a solution or answer within 2 weeks?

If your complaint falls under all above categories you can contact us!

Evaluation of your complaint

In order for us to be able to review your case and evaluate it we need all the information and documents about the case, such as:

  • Your contact information
  • Contact information of the trader
  • Clear problem description where you describe the issue
  • What you are claiming / your preferred outcome
  • Copy of the contract/booking with the trader
  • Copy of the payment receipt
  • Your communication with the trader

Do you need assistance?

If you need assistance, guidance or further information about how you can submit your case to us or how we operate please contact us via email hereor via phone 545-1200






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