The Consumer´s Association advises consumers against doing business with CC bílaleiga ehf.

According to a news article published on the website of The Consumers´ Association of Iceland, the association has put the car rental, CC bílaleiga ehf - City Car Rental., on their “shame list”. The Association advises consumers against doing business with that trader.

The reason for that is that CC bílaleiga ehf. has on three occasions lost cases that were submitted by consumers to the complaint board of goods and services (Kærunefnd vöru- og þjónustukaupa).In all three cases the trader rejected to honor the rulings.

According to the article, the claims of the consumers were various and consisted of high amounts.

In one case the consumer had cancelled his car rental booking but had to pay the full amount. The complaint board found in favour of the consumer – that he had the right to receive 75% reimbursement for the amount of 166.500 ISK, as the cancellation terms of the trader were clear.

In the second case the complaint board ruled in favor of the consumer and the trader should refund him 215.000 ISK for the service of a tow truck in relation to a malfunction of a rental car.

In the third case the committee ruled in favour of the consumer, that had demanded a refund for 73.900 ISK due to an alleged damage to a rental car. There was no dispute in the case that the damage had occurred, but the committee believed that the car rental had not proved the extent of the financial loss.

The list of companies on The Consumers´ Association “shame list” can be found here.

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