Month: November 2022

In the context of inflation, rising energy prices and product shortages, Black Friday will have a particular importance for consumers this year.

But beware, sometimes slogans like "best deal" hide false promises or even fake shops that don't actually exist. The famous "only three items left" is a popular trick to put customers under pressure.

With our five shopping tips, you are on the safe side and well prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Check if the online shop is safe and legitimate

Before you start shopping online, take a good look at the website. Be sure to check the imprint and the general terms and conditions.

  • Are both sections available? Are they complete?
  • Is a plausible postal address given? Don't hesitate to check the address with the help of online mapping services.
  • Call the given number to test whether it is taken and whether someone picks up.
  • Check out review sites to see whether other users have had problems with the shop or, on the contrary, have left positive reviews.

2. Check if this is a real deal

During promotion periods, both the discounted price and the price without discount must be displayed. The price before promotion must be the lowest price charged in the last 30 days for traders inside the EU. This however has still not been implemented in Iceland – but Icelandic traders must proof that they have sold a product on the provided prior price, before it was lowered.

Our tip is to observe product prices over a longer period of time. If you notice that the indicated non-discounted price is not the lowest of the past month, you may be dealing with unfair business practices.

3. Resist the pressure

"20 other people are looking at this item" or "only three items left”: Many websites, mobile applications, social networks and even search engines use so-called dark patterns to put pressure on you.

Some shops also try to influence our buying behaviour with countdowns or shaming buttons like " No, I am silly and don't want to benefit from a 20% discount".

You will need strong nerves but in the end, you will be glad you did not fall for the trick.

4. Make sure to choose a safe payment method

  • If you pay online, make sure you have a secured internet connection
  • Vertu viss um að vefslóðin byrji á „https“ og að „lokaður hengilás“- merkið birtist hjá slóðinni.

  • Don’t save your bank details on your mobile phone, your computer or any shopping platforms
  • Set a maximum amount for one-off payments for your credit card
  • Avoid payments by bank transfer

5. Make use of the legal guarantee

You benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity on all new or second-hand goods (furniture, car, computer, household appliance, etc.) purchased from a seller based in Iceland or in the European Union.

The legal guarantee of conformity lasts for a minimum of 2 years. If your product is faulty, you can ask the seller to repair or exchange the product or, if these two solutions are not possible, to reimburse you.

Don't forget: When buying online, you usually have a 14 days cooling-off period to change your mind and return the product. Find out more about your right of withdrawal our website. here.

According to a news article published on the website of The Consumers´ Association of Iceland, the association has put the car rental, CC bílaleiga ehf - City Car Rental., on their “shame list”. The Association advises consumers against doing business with that trader.

The reason for that is that CC bílaleiga ehf. has on three occasions lost cases that were submitted by consumers to the complaint board of goods and services (Kærunefnd vöru- og þjónustukaupa).In all three cases the trader rejected to honor the rulings.

According to the article, the claims of the consumers were various and consisted of high amounts.

In one case the consumer had cancelled his car rental booking but had to pay the full amount. The complaint board found in favour of the consumer – that he had the right to receive 75% reimbursement for the amount of 166.500 ISK, as the cancellation terms of the trader were clear.

In the second case the complaint board ruled in favor of the consumer and the trader should refund him 215.000 ISK for the service of a tow truck in relation to a malfunction of a rental car.

In the third case the committee ruled in favour of the consumer, that had demanded a refund for 73.900 ISK due to an alleged damage to a rental car. There was no dispute in the case that the damage had occurred, but the committee believed that the car rental had not proved the extent of the financial loss.

The list of companies on The Consumers´ Association “shame list” can be found here.