I just got an e-mail informing me I am about to receive a large sum of money. What should I do?


E-mail scams are sadly very common and can also be very genuine-looking and persuasive, if you get an e-mail informing you of a huge lottery win – and you didn‘t even buy a ticket – please do nothing. There is no such thing as a free lunch and why would you win without buying a ticket? And why would an African prince or general chose you (and only and precisely you) to assist him getting millions out of the country? There are many variations to this scam theme, but if something is too good to believe – then don‘t believe it! These e-mails are scams, usually you first need to give a lot of personal information. Then you get another e-mail telling you there has been some hitch in transferring the money to you, so you just need to pay a little money, in order to facilitate the bank transfer, bribe officials etc. Sadly you end up losing a lot of money and somehow the big win never quite reaches you!