Compensation for lost luggage

Monday, December 7, 2015 - 18:00

A Polish consumer flew with an Icelandic airline from Keflavík to Warsaw. On arrival in Warsaw his suitcase could not be found. He informed airport staff of this upon arrival. Nine days later he sent an e-mail to the airline claiming compensation for the suitcase. He was told the company was looking into the matter and asked to fill out a form stating all valuables in the suitcase. Having done this, he still had gotten no reply six weeks later. After pressing the matter he got the reply that the airline company was still hoping to find the suitcase and that he would be contacted shortly. Five months after the suitcase was lost, and still having had no firm reply for the company, the man turned to ECC-Poland which in turn shared the case with ECC-Iceland. A month after ECC-Iceland received the man‘s claim the airline finally paid the consumer 486 EUR, or the estimated value of the suitcase and its contents.

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