Passports & health insurance

When going abroad it is important to have a valid passport. When travelling outside the EEA it is very important to find out whether a visa is required, sadly we receive some complaints from travellers who, lacking a visa, have been sent back home. Also many countries outside the EEA deny tourists entrance unless their passport is valid for 6 months after their travel ends.

It is always wise to travel with the European Health Insurance Card, but citizens from the EEA should be able to get the card from their social security, to access state healthcare in other European countries at reduced fees or for free. If you are visiting another part of the world find out what your insurance covers, and whether you need any medication or vaccination. 

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Air Berlin Bankruptcy

According to ECC in Germany Air Berlin has on 15th of August 2017 applied for liquidation procedure with the courts in Germany. Currently the liquidation process has not been started through the courts, as the airline received funding from the German State to continue operations for the next three months.

Your views on healthcare in Europe

We’re interested in your views on receiving medical treatment in other European countries. If you’ve never received healthcare abroad, are you aware of the options and might you consider this in the future? If you have received urgent healthcare while visiting another European country, or travelled abroad specifically for planned treatment, what was your experience?

Ticket purchase on the internet

Consumers use the internet more frequently to buy tickets for various events. In Portugal there are several events during the summer and attract people for all over the world. Occasionally ECC-Portugal receive complaints that arise from bad practices and frauds in the tickets ‘sales. Due to that reason ECC-Portugal has published some good advice that you can view in the document below.