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ECC-Net is a network that operates in all EU countries as well as Norway and Iceland. The role of the net is to advise and assist consumers that are having trouble regarding cross-border purchases from traders in another EU-country. 

No, the ECC-Net only offers assistance to consumers when making cross-border purchases, not domestic ones. In such cases you should turn to the Consumers‘ Association of Iceland. 

It is best to complain to the trader before you contact your ECC-centre. Possibly the trader has just made an honest mistake or is quite willing to repair any fault the product might have. It is also best to complain in writing so that you have proof of your complaint.

Yes, in most cases. The European Union has agreed on a number of pieces of legislation that protect consumers in all member states, on grounds of the EEA-agreement Iceland too has implemented these directives and regulations. For example the Sale of Goods and Associated Guarantees Directive 99/44/EC states that goods sold must comply with the description given by the seller.  Furthermore the regulation concerning air passengers’ rights and regulation on roaming charges apply throughout the EEA (EU-countries plus Iceland and Norway). However some of these European rules are just minimum rules and full harmonisation is not required, this means that in some cases domestic legislation concerning consumer protection can vary (that is some countries take consumer protection even further) slightly between countries. 

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The Ruling Committee in Travel Industry Matters is a joint project of the Consumers’ Association (NS) and the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF). Among SAF’s members are airlines, travel agencies, car rentals, hotels, restaurants and recreational service providers. The committee operates in accordance with an agreement between these two parties and rules on consumer disputes with members of SAF.

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ECC-Iceland gets a lot of information requests from people who claim to have won the lottery! That is they have received an announcement on e-mail, or via a text message to their mobile, about their winnings - which can be up to 1 million EUR or even more! However, people should be careful regarding these lotteries as generally they are illegal scams. After replying to those e-mails you are asked to give a lot of personal info, and then you most likely need to send some money, for banking costs, taxes or something of the sort.

European City Guide and other scams

ECC-Iceland receives a few complaints every year from companies that have registered with databases such as Euro Business Guide, European City Guide and World Business Guide, which appear to be scams. The companies receive a contract where they are asked to register – seemingly for free – to appear in the database and/or books/booklets. After they have signed the contract they receive a bill for approximately 1000 Euros – which is said to be the annual fee. Upon closer inspection the fee appears in the contract in very fine and illegible print.