During the rental period

Collecting the car

Check the car with a staff member for any damage. If you are not provided with a special checklist or diagram, make sure that you note any damage and have it signed by an employee. Check the tires well to see if they are too worn.

If you have booked online, take a printout of your booking with you.

Check if the terms of the contract are the same as of the booking you have made.

Make sure you understand what is covered by the insurance. Here in Iceland you can get hit by a sandstorm that could damage your car. Normally this is not covered by the car insurance, but some car rentals offer “sand/ash insurance”. If you are planning a trip where you could get hit by a sandstorm it is highly recommended that you buy that insurance.

Check if you have a credit card- or travel insurance that could be waivered if you buy a special insurance from the car rental company.

Ask about the company policy in case of breakdown or accident.


Whilst driving

Make sure what type of fuel the car uses. If you put gasoline on a diesel car, or the other way around, you can damage the car.

If the car breaks down, call the rental company and follow their instructions. Do not have the vehicle repaired yourself without their authorization.

In case of an accident, note down the names and addresses of everyone involved. If anybody is injured or there is a dispute over who is responsible, call the police. In Iceland the emergency number is 112. Contact the rental company immediately.

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The Ruling Committee in Travel Industry Matters is a joint project of the Consumers’ Association (NS) and the Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF). Among SAF’s members are airlines, travel agencies, car rentals, hotels, restaurants and recreational service providers. The committee operates in accordance with an agreement between these two parties and rules on consumer disputes with members of SAF.

Car Rental Season

Summer is the main tourism season in Iceland and so ECC-Iceland is very busy during summer and fall answering queries from tourists who have had some problems regarding car rental. In many cases there have been, or the rental company claims there are, some damages to the rented vehicle. Sadly such cases do occur even if all preventive measures are taken but it is still good to keep in mind some golden rules when renting a car to minimize the risk of anything unsuspected happening:

Before ordering