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A refund for a cancelled flight

An Icelandic woman had booked a flight with a Norwegian airline, but a few weeks before the estimated departure the flight was cancelled. She contacted the airline and demanded a refund but to no avail. She then sought ECC-Iceland´s assistance in stating her claim to the airline and in the end, with the help of the ECC she got a refund as was her right. 

An Over-booked flight to Alicante

An Icelandic consumer had booked a flight from Keflavík to Alicante. The airline cancelled the flight and instead booked him on another flight, going to Alicante via London. When he arrived in London he was refused boarding, and made to take a later flight, as the first flight was said to be overbooked. Understandably the consumer was none too happy about this as he arrived at the airport in good time and had a ticket the first airline had booked on his behalf. After his trip he then sent a claim to the latter airline. When he got no reply he then turned to the ECC. After ECC-Iceland and ECC-UK worked together on the case the consumer got compensation.  

Wrong fuel

Austrian travellers rented a car in Iceland but damaged it by filling it up with diesel oil instead of petrol. Due to this the car rental company charged them 4.000 EUR and said that any excess would be refunded should the damages prove cheaper than that to repair. However, as the Austrian consumers never received the final bill for the repairs they turned to the ECC-Net. ECC-Iceland contacted to car rental company which then promptly sent the final bill. It was also made clear that the car rental company had not taken as extensive measures to repair the car as the manufacturer had recommended so it was clear that the Austrian consumers were not being taken advantage of. 

Damaged luggage

Upon arrival an Irish traveller flying from Keflavík to Dublin noticed that his suitcase had been damaged. He reported the incident at the airport and also sent e-mails to the airline. As this didn´t lead to any results he then contacted the ECC-Net. After ECC-Iceland contacted the airline it almost immediately agreed to compensate for the damage and to refund the consumer the luggage fee. So after the ECC-Net´s intervention the company paid the consumer approx. 22.000 ISK. 

Where is the refund?

An Austrian consumer rented a car in Iceland via internet and paid in advance. He had to cancel the booking but according to the terms of the site he should be able to receive a refund. However he didn´t receive a refund although the car rental company stated that the refund had already taken place. When ECC-Iceland contacted the car rental it appeared that the company had already requested a refund from the credit card company but that the refund hadn´t gone through. After the car rental company pressed the matter again the consumer got a full refund. 

A Long Trip to New Zealand

A Finnish consumer travelling from Toronto to Helsinki via Keflavík could not find his luggage upon arrival in Helsinki. The airline said the luggage would shortly arrive in New Zealand, where the consumer was going the next day. However it took nine days for the airline to deliver the luggage. Due to this the consumer incurred some costs, amongst other things he had to purchase a bus ticket to the airport to get his luggage. As the airline did not comply with his requests of refund he turned to the ECC-Net. After the ECC intervened the airline refunded his cost of approx. 120 EUR.