Internet lotteries - SCAMS or just good luck?

ECC-Iceland gets a lot of information requests from people who claim to have won the lottery! That is they have received an announcement on e-mail, or via a text message to their mobile, about their winnings - which can be up to 1 million EUR or even more! However, people should be careful regarding these lotteries as generally they are illegal scams. After replying to those e-mails you are asked to give a lot of personal info, and then you most likely need to send some money, for banking costs, taxes or something of the sort. Then you get asked for even more money - and more - without ever seeing a penny of the big win! So people should be careful and look for info on the Internet or with the local police, as in many cases these lotteries are under criminal investigation. So don´t start spending the winnings right away - as the big win is probably just a trap to get your money rather than to give you some. Anyway - why should we get the big one in a lottery we have never signed up or paid for?

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