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On 15th of August Air Berlin declared bankruptcy and we published an article about that here on our website. Air Berlin has now announced that it will seize all flight operations after 28th of October 2017.

What if Air Berlin has cancelled my flight?
If consumers made their bookings before 15th of August 2017 they have to file their claim in the insolvency procedure. If they made the booking from 15th of August onwards Air Berlin announced to refund the ticket price.

Compensation regarding cancellation/delay
Generally air passengers have certain rights when a flight is cancelled or delayed for a certain amount of time. Air Berlin is asking all customers to enter their complaints in the Air Berlin-complaints form so that the claims can be registered in the liquidation procedure later on. As soon as the procedure is opened the insolvency administrator would send the application forms to the consumers who entered their complaints in the Air Berlin-complaints form before. See further information here.

You can find more information about the liquidation procedure on the following webpages:

Website of the preliminary insolvency administrator

Website of the insolvency court

General information about liquidation procedures in Germany

Consumers should keep in mind that Air Berlin is with over 1 billion euros in dept and does not own the airplanes they are using.

Consumers can file a claim on Air Berlins website.

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