Air Berlin Bankruptcy

According to ECC in Germany Air Berlin has on 15th of August 2017 applied for liquidation procedure with the courts in Germany. Currently the liquidation process has not been started through the courts, as the airline received funding from the German State to continue operations for the next three months.

What does this mean for passengers that have booked flights with Air Berlin?
After receiving the funding the airline will supposedly continue operations for the next three months. This means that consumers shouldn´t have to worry about flights being cancelled, at least for the moment.

Can I cancel my flight just in case it might get cancelled later on?
Just because the airline has applied for the liquidation procedure it unfortunately does not provide you with any extra cancellation rights.

What about my rights in case my Air Berlin flight is delayed, cancelled or I am denied boarding?
Airlines may be liable to offer passengers assistance, re-routing/refund or in some instances financial compensation to consumers when a flight is delayed, cancelled or they deny you from boarding. However due to the airlines financial situation it is unlikely that they will be in a position to offer any reimbursement or financial compensation. If you incur any flight irregularities it is therefore quite likely that you will have to cover any extra cost out of your own pocket. In that cases it might be advisable to contact your insurance company and check if you might be insured for those incidents.

Where can I go if I need assistance?
The ECC-Net will continue to assist consumers with their complaints against the airline, at least until the official notice from the liquidator is released.

As we know more we will release all the relevant information on how to make a claim.

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