Can the ECC-Net help me?

Our purpose is to assists consumers when making cross-border purchases within the EEA. We advise all consumers who are having problems relating to purchases of goods or services to start by contacting the trader, preferably by letter or e-mail, so that contact can be proven. If consumers are not satisfied with the outcome or response from the trader, we may be able to assist further depending on each situation. In such situations consumers should contact the ECC-Centre in their country of residence; if that centre finds the consumer’s claim to be valid it will then forward the case to the ECC-Centre in the country of the trader’s residence. When ECC Iceland receives such complaints we contact the trader and try to find an amicable solution to the dispute between consumer and trader. If our efforts prove futile we then advise or assist consumers in taking further actions.

During the last few years the ECC-Net has, on average, assisted around 70.000 consumers each year.


What ECC-Net can do for you


Help and Advice for cross-border issues in the EU, Iceland and Norway.

Our mandate is to deliver free information, advice and assistance on cross-border shopping in the EU, Iceland and Norway.

We can:

  • Advise you on consumer rights for shopping and travel under EU and national law;
  • Give practical tips to help you save money and avoid problems;
  • Help you with a complaint against a trader based in another EU country, Iceland or Norway for purchases made abroad – physically or online;
  • Engage with the trader in order to try to resolve the problem;
  • Advise you on further action if an amicable solution is not possible, such as out-of-court settlements, the European Small Claims’ procedure, or other legal action;
  • Help you find a suitable organisation to handle your case if it needs to be taken further.

We cannot:

  • Force traders to act. We rely on persuasion which works in at least half of the cases;
  • Act as your legal representative;
  • Handle your complaint if one of the involved parties is outside of the EU, Norway and Iceland.


The most frequent issues that ECC-Net deal with:

  • Online shopping, covering cooling-off periods, delivery times, clear information and the 2-year legal guarantee;
  • Buying goods and services including the 2-year guarantee, rights to repairs, replacements and refunds and the non-discrimination principle;
  • Air passenger rights related to cancellations, delays and related assistance, denial of boarding and lost or damaged luggage;
  • Package travel rights to information, to transfer a package to someone else, to a guaranteed price, and to choose an alternative package or a refund if the content changes;
  • Car rental problems such as unclear information on prices and costs of optional extras, and unfair contract terms;
  • Timeshares/holiday clubs, including the right to receive all relevant information before signing a contract, cooling-off periods and related payment rules.

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